Monday, December 8, 2008

I feel like I've just uncovered something here...

File under M

A man has vowed to shave off his handlebar moustache after being convicted of assaulting some teenage boys who mocked his pride and joy.

The Chap, whose editorial staff are occasionally on the receiving end of casual insults and mockery on account of their eccentric appearance and striking facial furniture, at first sympathised with Mr. Law, even in the light of previous court appearances for affray and threatening behaviour. But when one discovers that Law also has a conviction for manslaughter - he was jailed in 2000 for four years after he stabbed his brother to death - one realises that this is no mere eccentric, but someone who has delved rather too deeply into the darker side of dandyism and moustache cultivation. Let us give thanks that for every crazed Charles Law, there are a dozen jovial Jimmy Edwards.

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